DONNA Edition

Beauty and injury are the two central themes in Heidi Sills works. The Berlin-based artist creates with her collages and drawings, a very special form of portraits. The world of glossy magazines she deliberately chooses as a starting point. The smooth surface masking the fashion and beauty photographs transform at Heidi Sill to complex, multi-faceted individuals. She uncovers new evidence, shows injuries and fractures in a supposedly perfect illusory world.


Exclusive to Pablo & Paul: The DONNA Art Edition by Heidi Sill.

The edition consists of 4 high-quality fine art prints in a limited edition of 75 copies.


We make great works of international artist approachable and affordable for our customers and the readers of DONNA. All works were printed on the best hand made Hahnemühle and MediaJet fine art paper. They are signed and numbered. The artworks come with a certificate of authenticity. If you buy 2 works (any combination is possible), the package price is 520 euros. We are happy to offer the pictures framed. For details on frames and price, please click on one of the artworks.