Painting at Pablo & Paul

Collect painting has its own special charm, because hardly a genre appeals to as many senses. In addition to the opptical perceptible offers painting always a haptic component and the smell of painting on canvas reminiscent of the studio and the creative process. For many paintings, however, is unfortunaltely unaffordable. Therefore Pablo & Paul offers a selection of paintings, whose price is less than 5,000 euros. These may be works in smaller formats by contibutors whose large-format works fit firmly into five-figure paintings of lesser known artists or that may stll have a great career ahead of him. In addition, one finds at Pablo & Paul to the classic canvas also work on wood, MDF or neon Paper.

In the program of Pablo & Paul are artists whose paintings were already shown in exhibitions around the world, such as in the Hubei Museum of Art/China, the Institute for Contemporary Arts/Singapore, with Parasol Projects in New York and in salondergegenwart 2013 in Hamburg. Some have now been inclued in important public collections, such as the Bavarian State Painting Collection.


Contemporary Art

Pablo & Paul presented a wide range of contemporary paintings, abstract, figurative and realisitc paintings as a large-format oil paintings or small acrylic paintings. The opportunity to discover new things and to look at the works of youngh painters who go in for the classic genres of fine arts.