Uwe Schäfer

Uwe Schäfer was born in Bamberg in 1965 and studied painting at the national academy of fine arts Stuttgart. He is one of the co-founders of the artist group Die Weissenhofer, which he runs together with Jörg Mandernach and Matthias Beckmann. His work was shown thoughout Germany in single exhibitions. The Manfred-Henniger-Preis für Malerei (painting) and the Kunst Preis (art price) of the Hohenzollerischen Landesbank count as his most important achievements.


Uwe Schäfer collects the elements of his visual language on voyages and strolls through strange or familiar landscapes. His paintings are based on landscapes, botanical elements or architectural fragments. Like sediments the pigments or papers lay on top of each other thus forming a landscape of their own. Through a long period of assessment his artworks conserves a surprising freshness and invites the beholder to go on his own discovery journey.

Award winner

Winner of prestigous art awards