“One does somehow leave traces that way. For some that might be notorious, but for me it’s normal.”

 Tona, a street artist from Hamburg, started spraying graffiti in 1999. With his dreamy artworks, for which he uses masks, he intends to get the attention of the beholder, who is often distracted by the coldness and mercilessness of reality and to touch the latter on an emotional level. TONA, contrary to many other street artists, whose works are often charged with social criticism and irony, wants to make the viewer of his art smile. He hopes that this way people may rethink their ideas and values. In most cases his art works are temporarily shown in public spaces.

Over the past few years TONA’s work had been on display on international art festivals and exhibitions. He participated at group exhibitions in New York, Venezuela, Canada and South Africa and showed his work on festivals in Tel Aviv and New-Delhi. Most of his Pablo & Paul‘s artworks where inspired by his sojourns and  India. 

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions