Tana Hell

I do not take special photos, I just preserve special moments for me.

Tana Hell creates photographs that act by its proximity to the subject. It captures the reality of our world and thus produces authentic reality expressions.

Tanas (born in 1971) artistic expressions are writing and photography. She soon discovered the potential of the word and wrote with 11 years her first poem. She attended the University of Hamburg for the studies of language and media studies. As Tana got an analog Nikon EM as gift for her 30th birthday, she discoveed the possibilities of visual imagery. Adventure and wanderlust led her repeatedly abroad. After a two-year stay in South America, she  traveled from her hometown of Berlin to the world to quench her desire for the unknown with the camera as a travel companion.

Her photos bear witness to people and situations, from meetings and events. With the means of photography Tana preserves the volatility of the moment; she freezes it and breathes new life into it. Edged into the rectangular image format, the reality is given a formal framework, the color and shape relations are transferred into an aesthetic composition. Tana transfers the structures of her subjects in the photographic imagery: motion sequences are reproduced as a static construct, while landscape photographs convey the peace and stillness of untouched nature. Portraits preserve facial expressions and gestures of the people.


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