Saskia Espermüller

Initially, Saskia Espermüller studied art and english language before she switched to the academy of fine arts, Munich in 1998 to study painting under the tutelage of Prof. Jerry Zeniuk and Prof. Sean Scully. In 2005 she obtained her diploma and founded the chameleon group with four of her colleagues. Her works were exhibited at the Dombergmuseum Freising and at the ArtSpace Rhein – Main.

It would be too easy to describe Saskia Espermüller‘s works as landscape paintings. The observer who watches her pictures surly thinks that he is acquainted with her motifs only to get suddenly drawn into her surreal world. For one moment one believes to recognize the mountains, the sea or even the desserts but suddenly the motif transform into a fabric of structures and color. Saskia Espermüller does not paint solid shapes or forms; she rather creates in a graphic style shapes onto canvas, wood plates or paper. The overlying structures finally form the motif, which neither is abstract nor figurative and which is beyond any attempt of interpretation. 

Saskia Espermüller combines in her work painted with drawn elements. She carefully creates the composition in using her mix of techniques. Despite the interplay of harmony and contradiction Espermüller achieves to create a balance between painting and drawing.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions