Roswitha Huber

A game of the obvious and the enigmatic, of shadow, light and transparency. Roswitha Huber shows in her works an amazing, colorful, sometimes bewildering variety.


Roswitha (born 1966) studied at the College of the Arts in San Francisco. Today she lives and works as a freelance artist in Munich. Her works in the field of painting, photography and installation were already represented in numerous exhibitions, among others in the Nevin Kelly Gallery in Washington, D.C.


At Pablo & Paul Roswitha works show two very different directions. In her collages series She suddenly said ... she combines excerpts from magazines with painted and drawn elements. Originally, the collages were created on milky transparent paper and will now be printed with a special process on acrylic glass. Similar to collages, Roswitha paintings are extremely complex. As she paints with acrylics, sometimes many translucent layers exist. There are layers of glue that emphasize individual colors. she sprays with fine sparkling colors, using templates, objects, and lines.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions