Robert Weissenbacher

I would like to move in the painting like a fish in water !

Robert Weissenbacher’s pictorial world is characterised by form and colour. The artist paints humans and animals with a colour palette high in contrast. 

Born in 1983 in Schweinfurt, Robert currently lives and works in Munich. He studied painting at the academy for visible arts in Munich. After finishing his study, an artist-in-residence-scholarship led him to Jászdóza, Hungary. In spring 2015, the Kerber publisher introduced his artist monography Debütant. Robert’s artworks are also part of the BMW Group art collection. 

Robert interpretates the traditional painting in a new way and sets his brushstrokes in a dynamic way on the canvas. His often sketchy, seemingly careless way of painting simultaneously witnesses his great talent. Faces are hidden behind mysterious masks or rigid expressions, a put-on hardness, where one can only adumbrate certain gentleness. 


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