Robert Götzfried

“My pictures are created when public places have freed themselves of daily activities. Then these places show their cold beauty, symmetry and architectural precision.”

Robert Götzfried was born in Lindau in 1976. He completed the Colledge for printing in Regensburg. Subsequently he was educated in typesetting and finally studied design at the "Schule für Gestaltung" in Regensburg. His studies where focusing on print medias and photography. Since 2014 Robert Götzfried lives in Munich and works as a photographer and designer.  His photograph Südbad, Kinderbecken from his POOlS series was nominated for the Sony World Photography award. 


Robertz Götzfried’s photographs are visual equations, which, as he puts it, always work out. May he photograph pools, bowling alleys or a tube station;  in his work one can always find grids and symmetries. In his photographs places that are normally guided by noisy confusion turn into pictures of mathematical order. He photographs places when nobody else is present as he wants to show these places beyond their common functionality.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions