Richard Wurm

Richard Wurm was born in Dachau in 1971. He studied civil engineering at the TU München. The graduate engineer is an autodiact when it comes to art. Already as a young man he was painting and drawing. From 2006 on he was intensively enlarging his artistic production and began to have his first exhibitions. His work titles are mathematic equations or formulas and are a hint for the artist intellectual background. Richard Wurm is interested in the visualisation of perishability. His abstract paintings remind us of urban decay, of crumbling plaster, of old worn out posters on advertising columns, of graffiti: All these impressions are part of his imagery. The vivid, sometimes glaring colours are in stark contrast to the original source of inspiration. For him, as for the painters of the lyrical abstraction, the process of painting is more important than conceptual thoughts. Painting is perceived as an emotional act. Feelings are translated onto canvas with as little hindrance as possible. The traces of the manual work are visible in Richard Wurm’s painting and shall be perceived by the beholder. The beholder can immerse himself in the many layers of Richard Wurm‘s work.


The beholder can immerse himself layer by layer in Richard Wurm’s imagery. The artist‘s technique makes it impossible to distinguish which layer of paint is on top or at the bottom of the paintings canvas.