Ramona Czygan

Photography can more ... Go beyond what is objective.

The consturcted scenery in Ramona’s artworks documents not only the beauty of the photographed landscapes but also hides something that happened in the past, something intangible, which surpasses the representational.

Born in 1983 in Berna, Ramona Czygan lives and works in Greifswald. She finished her master degree in photography and painting at the Casper-David-Friedrich Institute in 2011. During the same year Ramona presented her first solo exposition of photography and video at the latter Institute with great success. The direct confrontation between painting and photography is still reflected in her work as she uses elements from the painting as well as the drawing imagery in her cyan works in order to go beyond classical photographs. Her artworks have been shown in multiple expositions and art fairs. In 2014 Ramona won a scholarship to study at the arthouse Ahrenshoop in Talinn/Estonia. 

During the past five years the subject of landscapes represents for Ramona the central image of her compositions. The empty and wide nature is having a big significance; they give freedom and a breath of something timeless, strengthened through the unity of the blue tones in her works. The typical cyan colouring was developed through the fine art printing process. During the development of her positives Ramona goes one step further and includes drawing- as well as painting-elements in order to resolve the representational and to retain the intangible. Ramona is looking for picturesque aspects in the photography and creates space for interpretation. 


Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions