Olivia Steele

Contrast is the greatest teacher

Inspired by the energy of the light and the power of the word, Olivia Steele creates artworks that are contradicting and rich in contrast, leaving a certain amount of freedom of interpretation.  Regarding her work one can be irritated or amused but never indifferent.

Born in 1985 in Nashville/Tennesee, Olivia currently lives and works in Berlin and London, two metropolitans which represents for her an important source of inspiration. Renowned solo expositions of her work took place in Miami, London, Basel and Berlin.

In 2015 some of her installations were shown during the Burning Man Festival.

At the attempt to scrutinise societal relations, Olivia puts latter in a critical perspective with her neon artworks. Thereby it’s not only the luminosity of the writing that touches the spectator but also the critical content which raises questions. 

The medium neon script came up during the 1920s and was primary used for advertising purposes. But Olivia employs the, for commercial purposes used, medium by means of her text fragment in a new context. 


International newcomer

International newcomer

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions