Nina Annabelle Märkl

In my work I attempt to merge inside and outside, two and three dimensionality, and to create a permeability that irritates, changes and expands the way we perceive things.

Nina Märkl was born in Dachau in 1979. She studied sculpture under Prof. Stephan Huber at the academie of fine arts, munich. In 2009, one year after she received her diploma, her pictures were exhibited in the New Positions area at the Art Cologne. In 2010 she was awarded with the Debutantaward of the Bavarian ministry for science, research and art. With Museum of Happines and Casting Shadow, she already had two single exhibitions at the gallery Max Weber Six Friedrich in Munich.  In 2014 the art society Pforzheim presented the installation 'don’t walk that line' which was created by Nina Annabelle Märkl and the sculpture Reinhard Voss.  


In her work Nina Annabelle Märkl unites the genres of sculpture, installation and drawing. She liberates drawing from its natural boundedness to paper. She elevates it in space and questions the relatedness of the drawn line to the format and to the limit of the paper. By using cut- outs in her dioramas the paper becomes a sculptural element in its own regard. Several layers of paper are staggered one behind the other. Because of that the layers on top are casting shadows on the layers underneath. 

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