Micosch Holland

Micosch Holland was born in Mönchengladbach in 1968 and studied art at the Acadamie beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht. Later he worked as a designer in Berlin and Munich. His work was displayed at the Hoxton Gallery London and the Dog Art Center in New York. In 2012 the Haus der Kunst in Munich bought two of his surreal works. Currently he lives and works in Schondorf.


Holland’s work is influenced by surrealism, constructivism and dada. He randomly uses materials and cut– outs from different books and magazines. In constructing surreal scenarios with found material he tries to pronounce and reinforce the obvious and superficial. Through the use of added digital elements that rapture the visual language, one realizes at a second glance that the situations which he shows do not correlate with reality. 

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