Michael Rickelt

The small format opens my illustration a space of contemplation.

Michael Rickelt was born in Berlin in 1945. He studied under professor Horst Egon Kalinowski at the academy of fine arts munich. After his studies he was working as an art teacher. Already during his professional career he was an active illustrator and operated under the name of MIRK. His work was already presented internationally at the Carton Exhibition Kyoto and at Expo 2000. He lives and works as an illustrator in Karlsruhe.


Rickelt intends to revive the genre of satirical drawing. His small prints, which are rarely larger than A4, often depict partly strange partly surreal sceneries. He resizes subjects that are dominantly present in mass media debates and transforms them into grotesque pictures. He achieves a certain humorist richness and irony through the exact interplay of precision and clumsily drawn lines. Not only does the use of watercolors create a strong contrast to the white of the background it also takes away the illustrative character of the illustrations.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions