Michael McWilliams-Foldenauer

“it is freedom that I desire, it is freedom that I strive for, it is freedom that I take, because only while I am free I can feel that I am alive.”

Michael McWilliam-Foldenauer also known as SteinScherePapier was born in Munich in 1981. He studied Art History, American cultural history and archaeology of provincial roman times.  Since 2012 the autodidact started to be very interested in collage as a mean of expression. This technic allows the user to link different impressions with each other and to create a bridge between his intellectual world and his surroundings. In 2014 MCWilliams Foldenauer was awarded with the audience prize of the 13. Syrlin international artistic prize in the categoryphotography and video art. At present he lives and works in Berlin.


In his collages Michal McWilliams-Foldenauer replaces heads and other parts of the body with new added drawn or digital elements. In his process he changes the story of the image and gives the work a new narrative. Far removed from the original material the collages deliver new ideas and questions to the audience.

Award winner

Winner of prestigous art awards