Marieke Horstmann

“From a line emerges a pattern; of the latter emerges again something that has not been conceived yet. It is rather to let things happen than a systematic method. And yet it is the line that leads us through the unknown.”

Marieke Horstmann was born in 1984. She studied Art therapy at HKS Ottersberg. She lives and works as an independent artist in Berlin.


The experiences she made in Istanbul and Ruanda during her voyage shaped her visual language. The symbols and motives she contributes to her drawings are influenced by a lot of fantasy, humor and ordinary experiences in the daily life. A distinctive characteristic of her drawings are the intertwined lines and structures. From each sign grows a new form, everything seems connected.  Her fascinating fabrics emerge from linked elemental forms.  The search for the unknown is always associated with the perturbation of the common and familiar- it plays an important part in Horstmann’s work. A very interesting aspect of her technique is her aim for reaching a state of self -forgottenness by translating thoughts and inspirations without any kind of filter onto paper.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions