Marco Reichert

Marco Reichert was born in Berlin in 1979. Before he started his studies of fine art at the art school Berlin Weißensee he was studying computer sciences from 2001 till 2003. In 2010 he became a masterclass student of Prof. Antje Majewski. A visiting professorship has led him to the art academy Tallin/ Estland. Marco Reichert’s work was exhibited in Berlin, Paris and New York. He already exhibited two times at the janinebeangallery in Berlin.


In Marco Reichert’s work the borders between abstraction and representation blur. Things that appear to be real become evidently fantastic. From design drawings to newspaper photographs one can find everything in his imagery. These are the roots of his work: Abstract elements who origin from real templates and completely invented concrete elements that are entirely invented and of geometrical order.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions