Malte Kebbel

Even though a two-dimensional image is in its simplicity appealing, I feel the need to redeem it from its flatness and inflate it with kinetic matter.

Malte Kebbel creates fascinating works that transcend between second and third dimension, each of them shining in its own way.

Malte (born in 1981) studied at the Kunsthochschule in Düsseldorf. After some deviations he finally ended up in Berlin, where he now lives and works as a freelance artist. His works were already shown in numerous exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at the Berlin Workshop Gallery and Gold + Concrete in Cologne. 2016, his large-format works were one of the highlights at the Luminale in Frankfurt.

He invented a special stencil print technique that only he uses, creating a personal trademark within the artworld.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions