From painted cartoon characters in black and white on a clear, architectural woodwork to large-sized screens graphically designed - the works of the artist collective KLUB7 may be very different but one thing they have in common: the common, visible passion for art.


The artists Dani Daphne, Disco Robot, Kid Cash, Lowskii, Mike Okay and Otto Baum form the collective KLUB7. Since 1998, they are active as a group. The six friends, grew up in East Germany, studied at art schools in Berlin and Halle. Her artistic roots lie in graffiti and street art scene of the 1990s. In addition to works in public spaces in Berlin, the artwork of KLUB7 are in exhibitions in New York, Jerusalem, Marseille and Katowice, as well as in numerous magazines such as Art and Rebel Times.


In the large-group work of KLUB7 the individual manuscripts merge into fascinating complete works of art. Whether sprayed with chalk on walls, floors and roads or whole and painted facades covering - together the six create great works. Pablo & Paul provides small and mid-sized artwork of individual artists whose expressiveness is in no way inferior to their common works. In their individual works the artists can pay special attention to the style all on its own. Many of the works were part of the exhibition tour of KLUB7. BEHIND THE BLOCK presents and shows images that were taken from the memory of the artist, but at the same time offer the possibility of childhood and youth in general, and to look across generations.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions