Tape is the new Paint!

Tape instead of ink, cutter instead of brush and walls instead of paper. With these extraordinary means Klebebande creates impressive works.


The Berlin artist collective Klebebande has devoted a very special art form: the tape art. Who runs with open eyes through German cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich will find the unique and surprisingly versatile work of Bruno BeezeBoe Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Nikolaj NkoBu Bultmann on columns, house walls and in shopping malls. In addition, Klebebande was nominated for the prize Young Artist of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin and participated in exhibitions in France, Russia and Turkey.


The imagery of the artist is made up of urban views, architectural structures, geometric shapes and motifs in between repeatedly between man and nature. With childish curiosity and passion for their material Bruno, Bodo and Nikolaj explore the creative possibilities of the adhesive tape. Perseverance and attention to detail let spectacular works of art arise.


For Pablo & Paul Klebebande created medium- and large-scale works on wood and glass. On request, individual room concepts can be designed.