Jochen Leisinger

Stay curious and open to everything.

Jochen Leisinger’s photographies display familiar but nevertheless foreign motives, which abduct the spectator into a magical fantasy world. With the help of different perspectives and image-editing Jochen rediscovers the well-known and reveals the aesthetic of the hidden. 

Born in 1962, Jochen studied communication design at the Academy in Konstanz and has been working ever since as a graphic designer and art director. Currently he lives in Frankfurt.

During his professional career, Jochen developed a good and sensitive feeling for the interplay between colours and shapes which he transfers with pictures and digital editing into a surreal imagery.

The main focus in his series trees lies on the tree. The tree, being deeply entrenched in ground, defying adversities in his natural environment he represents robustness and steadfastness. Jochen goes a step further and detaches the tree from his environment and transforms it into an image which leads to irritation and raises questions on the spectator’s side. As a seemingly effortless structure the tree seems to oppose the natural gravity by floating gentle into the sky. 

In unusual perspectives, the trees appear in a different light. They are no longer acknowledged as simple plants but rather as mystical symmetric structures of branches and leaves that reflect the course of the seasons. Showing the impressive colour variety of the nature, the leaves shine in a soft rose, bright yellow, strong green and intense red. 



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