Jessica Kallage-Götze

My work is light, heavy, existential, fleeting and poetic.

As one of the oldest materials until this day, glass hasn’t lost any of its fascination. Jessica emphasises the lucidity, formability and dynamic as well as the transparency of the glass in combination with light in her artworks.

Born in 1977 in Oldenburg, Germany, Jessica lives and works in Munich. After her apprenticeship to become a glass finisher at the Erwin Stein glass Academy in Hadamar, she studied (2003-2009) at the Academy for visible arts in Munich with Professor Norbert Prangenberg. Jessica uses a wide range of materials. Besides glass, which inhabits a significant position in her artistic creation, she also plays with materials as bread, wax and gypsum. 

The artworks presented by Pablo & Paul are a mixture of glass, which Jessica melted by a high temperature and guided the course of the still liquid glass by the means of a glassmaker pipe. The process leads to abstract reliefs, which forms glide in a plastic and dynamic way almost beyond the gypsum plates, seeming to flow further. Through the reflection of the lights, the glass filaments develop a shining luminosity and glide over the gypsum as curved streamlines. The colourfulness in her works achieved by the use of different coloured gypsum surfaces or the partly coloured glass filaments. 


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