Jaemin Lee

In his paintings Jamie Lee deals with the complex existence of human being, its presence and its influence in space and time. Wild and spontaneous brushstrokes combined with tender pastel colours are shaping a new defined illusion of the human visage.

Born in 1987 in Pohang, South Korea, Jaemin studied visual communication design at the Gachon University in Seoul. In 2013 he started his second degree in painting at the renowned Academy for visual arts in Munich. Jaemin’s artworks where already presented in numerous expositions worldwide, including South Korea, London, Tokyo and Toulouse. In a group-exposition of Günther Förg and Matthias Dornfeld’s class Jaemin showed his artworks at the gallery Jahn in Munich. Furthermore, his paintings will be on display at the Art Olympia competition in Japan. 

In the beginning of his career, Jaemin worked in a strong figurative way where he connected the visible shapes with the invisible being. Within his development as an artist he drifted away from the strong figurative perfection of the human face to a more abstract expression of the complex characters of his portrayed models. 


Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions