Henning Stibbe

Colour is king. I put one color next to another, because it exactly demands it.

Henning Stibbe was born in Wolfsburg in 1969. Whilst studying Art history and publishing in Göttingen he was already managing an open gallery and was organising exhibitions. It was during that time that Henning Stibbe commenced painting. Over the past 20 years he succeeded in creating work besides his other activities.  During the turn of the millennium he joined an artist group in Berlin which marks the beginning of a highly productive period of his creative work. He is currently living in Munich.


Besides paintings Stibbe created screen prints and comic-art during his time in Göttingen which were published by Maldoro Berlin and several magazines. Henning Stibbe has always been interested in art that transcends different genres. Painting and digital art are often linked in his work on a subject level. From his creative body of work Pablo & Paul presents the vivid paintings that follow the artists motto: “ Colour is king”. For Henning Stibbe this means the absolute supremacy of colour during his creative process. One colour demands the use of the next one. The artist only conducts, thus creating the composition. His pieces are ostensibly abstract yet emotional as they are always based on the artist‘s biography.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions