The rain also does not wonder whether he may rain.

Torn paper paired with sliced typography and painting, combined to crunchy statements - Grumbowski brings in his humorous works the world to the point.


Grumbowski (a.k.a. Benjamin Stemmer) studied Design and Illustration in Hamburg. His artistic roots lie in street art and graffiti. As part of the Hamburg artist collective Der 6te Lachs (the 6th salmon) his work can be seen throughout Germany in exhibitions, at trade fairs and in various urban art projects.


In his works Grumbowski used materials such as scraps of paper, photos, poster radicals and blueprints. He recycles seemingly useless materials. His design language is characterized by clarity and simplicity. Nevertheless Grumbowskis works are anything but flat. Influenced by the style of graffiti of the early 2000s and his drawings, the artist cleverly put statements, comments and everyday observations together  in his collages and mixed media works  Again and again supported by a pinch of wit and the selective use of letters and words.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions