For over ten years Marcel Baer and Andreas Gauch have been working as a team. At first the two of them worked as designers for Pact, later they organized electro parties as members of the Blackred DJCrew. It is visible that their background developed from the graffiti and electronical music scene. In 2007 they decided to free themselves from the narrow confines of the design industry world and work as independent artists. One has to regard the collaboration of Marcel Baer and Andreas Glauch as the collaboration of two very different characters. The term doppeldenk (engl:doublethink) originates from George Orwell‘s novel 1984 and refers to the quality of having two thoughts that are directly opposed to one another and to accept each other nonetheless.



On the first glance the pictures seem familiar. We are used to the screaming neon colours and the shapes of symbols of contemporary pop culture. Only if we look closer we can understand the strong social criticism that is embedded in doppeldenk’s work and that is hidden under the disguise of positively connoted mass cultural symbols.

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