Daniel von Rüdiger

I appreciated the strangeness. It teaches me: we are quasi different

Proud men were decorated with headdresses of feathers and shells, children whose faces are covered with earth tones - Daniel von Rüdiger shows us in his photographs the traditional but also the everyday side of an exceptional country: Papua New Guinea.

Daniel (born 1983) studied visual communication and image research in Germany and Switzerland. In his doctoral thesis he deals with visual and acoustic rhythms. As part of his work for various NGOs he learned to combine photography as an artistic tool and as a social documentary expression. His works have been shown in exhibitions at the Museum Rietberg in Zurich and the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.

Sing Sing wantaim pukpuk and Man bilong Western Highland are the titles of his photographs in Tok Pisin, the official language of Papua New Guinea. They show us strange world where live crocodiles are part of traditional rites and large logs are processed in the jungle of men with axes and handsaws. But the documentary images also show the influence of Western culture: richly decorated men standing on the back of a pickups and at work, cut jeans are worn with hand-woven hats. Daniel's black and white photographs document the diversity of the human condition and leave it's own reflection.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions