Daniel Fort

Untouched nature is Daniel Forts preferred surrounding, its the place where he likes to spend most of his time, sometimes even up to 24 hours. For him these deserted places symbolize a break from everyday life and allow him to distance himself from our fast-paced society.

After graduating as a diplom-designer, he continued his studies at the Fachhochschule in Bielefeld and at the Novia University in Finland. Finishing his studies in 2012 he now lives and works between Munich, Prague and Bielefeld. His works were exhibited in Kassel, Bielefeld, Ulft (Netherlands) and Berlin.

The photographs of deserted landscapes manage to convey a feeling of limitless freedom embodied by nature, that becomes increasingly rare in a technological world like ours. Daniel undertakes stunning travels to remote places all over the world, collecting the remnants of his experiences and afterwords preparing them in maps and texts. With his work he takes the observer with him on a journey. However, his oeuvre clearly is the exploration of natural environments and therefore the very nature of the human self.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions