Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

“I firmly believe that we all are connected through light. “

Brigitte Pruchnow was born in Darmstadt in 1966. Interested in aesthetics and language she studied japanology, art history, philosophy and film. Her works were already shown internationally in galleries and on exhibitions such as the Art Muc, See Me Digital Group Exhibition, Art Miami and the Art Fair Rotterdam.


Pruchnow is interested in the simple moments of the daily life. Whether she paints a young boy who walks his dog in an agricultural landscape, a perambulating woman or a short intimate moment at the breakfast table –things that would usually pass us by become monumental in her work. She lets us perceive time differently. In her photorealistic painting she creates a world that resembles our reality. Only if we look close enough can we see that the structures common to us are in fact made of paint. One has to get close enough to her work to realize that painting and form are pillars of her art.

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions