Betty Mü

„The princess of flickering synergies thrills us with her unique high end video aesthetic, which excites the retina roughly and sexy to the climax” München Kammerspiele 2010

Betty Mü was born in Munich in 1973. After an education as a documentary photographer the technical spirited artist explored other forms of visual presentation while studying design in New York and Munich. Video became her preferred means of expression. Soon her work developed from background visuals of electronic music shows to independent artworks. Her visuals and installations were displayed on the Art Muc 2014, on the Lichstorm Festival in Ingolstadt, at Wagner Calling in Bayreuth and on occasions of the centenary of the Münchner Kammerspiele.


Enlivening projections – this is an attempt to describethe special quality of Betty Mü’s work. The artist shows us that surfaces can change their meaning depending on the projections she uses .A wealth of images advects the beholder of her work and invites him to be carried off into a fantastic world that was created by the artist.