Azul Caverna

Azul Caverna was born  in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1970. At present he lives in Buenos Aires where he has also celebrated his first single exhibition  in the renowned Riel Gallery in 2013. In the same year his work was also exhibited at the arteBA art fair. He is regarded as one of the most promising young artists of the region. 


Azul Caverna draws with oil crayon on paper. The choice of these fragile materials echoes the meaning of his artworks in showing us that in this world nothing lasts forever. The depicted insecurity does however not seem threatening in his pictures. It rather appears as if he opposes the impending decay with the use of clear and strong colours and marvelous precision. With the easiness of an autodidact, who is free from the burden of an academic education, Caverna developed his own style. The artist’s works are intense even though, or precisely because, they always convey his sense of humor.     

Prestigious exhibition

Prestigious exhibitions