Anna Maria Bellmann

The delicate works on paper by Anna Maria Bellmann are impressively accurate in every detail. She masters the traditional technique of papercuts up to perfection while creating gentle and fragile works of art.

Born in 1984, Anna Maria has always regarded art as an important part of her life.  Being a child, she thought the different art techniques to be fascinating and developed a true passion for paper as a material. Over the years she broadened and strengthened her skills in papercut and founded, as an autodidact, her own little art-stuido “Feine Papierobjekte”. Currently, Anna Maria lives and works in Ambach, Germany. 

Before Anna Maria intuitively but consciously sets her papercuts, she already has a clear vison of her motives in mind. Although her work is very complex and symmetric, Anna Maria uses neither templates nor sketches for her filigree papercuts. Step by step her cuts convene to a subtle and relief designed motive. The different shapes of the cuts form a compelling interplay between the components of light and shadow.  The inspiration for her art receives Anna Maria from the objects and the environment that surrounds her daily life or which she comes across while travelling.