Alina Vergnano

There is so much poetry in our silence, our deep thougths and our shared daydreams... It's all about capturing those slipping moments, those lost but deep glazes. Don't let them pass unnoticed!

Alina Verganano was born in Italy in 1989. She studied illustration and 2d-animation at the European Institute of Design in Turin. With Ascolta questo silenzio she had her first single exhibition in Bologna. She exhibited in Italy, Denmark, France and India and her work has been featured in numerous magazines. Furthermore, Alina Vergnano is the founder of a publishing house for original prints called Thaumatropical.


Her vision of the world is that of a child in awe. With an emphatic grasp she watches the smallest and most delicate gestures. Her drawings are short insights into the life and thoughts of her female protagonists, one moment before or after something has happened. The simplicity of her clear lines enables her to express the complicated nexus of human thoughts, emotions and relationships.

International newcomer

International newcomer